Our Impact


542 lbs of dry cat food

69 lbs of dry kitten food

252 lbs of wet cat food

5 lbs of wet kitten food

1741 lbs of dry dog food

281 lbs of dry puppy food

152 lbs of wet dog food

2 lbs of wet puppy food

10 lbs of guinea pig food

Rice pops

33 lbs of rabbit food

Rice pops

17.9 lbs of dry RC Urinary SO

80 lbs of wet RC Urinary SO

4.4 lbs of dry RC Glycobalance

5 lbs of dry Hills DM

5 lbs of dry Hills C/D

15.75 lbs of wet Hills C/D

3 lbs of dry Hills D/D

5 lbs of dry Hills K/D

8.5lbs of dry Hills Y/D

14 lbs of dry Hills W/D

2 bags of Hills Hypo Treats

190 lbs of cat litter

3 bottles of catnip

3 bags of catnip

Seresto Cat Collars

Catnip mice

Toy mice

Seresto Cat Collars

2 cat trees

2 Litter Breeze

9 Litter Boxes

18 pet beds

17.9 lbs of dry RC Urinary UC

17.9 lbs of dry RC Urinary SO

7 lbs of dry RC Gastro

7.5 lbs of dry C/D Hills

28.75 lbs of wet C/D Hills

15.5lbs of dry K/D Hills

59 lbs of wet K/D Hills

Seresto Dog Collars

Squeaky Toys

Homemade dog treats

17 bags of dental dog treats

150 puppy pads

1 lb of bird seed

5 Cuttlebone

5 Millet