The Pawfect Pantry

Our Mission

"The Pawfect Pantry" originally started due to a need seen locally where residents needed assistance with pet food and supplies for their pet(s) but found very little to no resources were available. Our Mission grew rapidly to servicing well beyond Providence, RI... some of our clients come from out of state to utilize our services. We service low income and struggling individuals with pet food and various other supplies to help: alleviate the expense of having pets, keeping pets in the home they know with their loving family and out of the shelter/off the street. We are funded primarily on donations.

Our Founder

Lex, started "The Pawfect Pantry" back in the end of November of 2021. She has always had a soft spot for animals and helping others ever since she was able to speak. She spends the majority of her "free" time with her own furry friends, going to school to become a Registered Nurse, working full-time while also simultaneously volunteering for Vested Interest in K-9's and Help the Homeless RI.

She has fantastic felines: Princess, Cyrus, Theodore, Phoenix Sofia and Marshmallow Fluff. They are all "living their best life" and have several thousands of TikTok followers who love to watch their shenanigans. 

See Below Photos of Our Founders Beloved Cats